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Follow Fashion (2011)
My daughter and a young girl that I foster both attended the drama workshop during the Christmas holidays. I have every admiration for the teacher who was able to connect and motivate these young people in such a short space of time.
It was amazing that even though the girls were from different age ranges, the teacher was able to encourage them to work together, build teams, learn, explore and build confidence. They were able develop skills and talents that they were not aware of. Her commitment and her energy played an important part particularly in the life of the young girl who believed that she would never be able to perform on stage. The teacher was influential in her developing a new sense of self worth. This sort of experience is a gap in the lives of many children and I hope that there will be lots more to come.
I have every confidence in her ability to bring out the best in my children and they are already looking forward to the next drama production.
- Ms Shubina Zaman
My children attendance on their performance course was absolutely brilliant they loved every minute of it. The teacher has the natural rapport with children. She manages to give them confidence and bring out the best in them. The time and effort she put into the children is second to none. My children adore her as a person and respect her as a teacher.
- Ms. Fatimah
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Do the Right Thing (2012)

As a father was unable to attend an all female performance, However my daughter Hannah and my niece Safeeyah were part of the Drama school and performance. A lot of their friends, family friends attended as well as their mothers’ aunts and grandmothers’.  After the performance when I came to collect my family I was inundated with congratulations from everyone I knew about both Hannah’s and Safeeyah’s roles. They were impressed with how both performed as well as the other girls in the play. All said this was due to the hard work and professionalism of their coach and teacher. One of the key points impressed me was the ability of the teacher to attract girls and families from all cultures and ethnicity to enrol. There were girls who were from all different backgrounds and cultures. This removed some of the prejudice and stereotypes and brought harmony and respect. I hope and pray that you continue to support this noble cause.

- Habib Chanawala

My girls really enjoyed the recent play called Do The Right Thing. They enjoyed being part of a theatrical performance in an wonderful atmosphere. It was on a Sunday do they were relatively free and the rehearsals would finish early evening leaving them sufficient time to come home and sleep early. The performance itself was well run and a thrill to watch. I felt proud of seeing my own 2 daughters being part of an event for the first time. Such performances are not common place in our local schools - and to have one close to home is a blessing. The performance and rehearsals was a means to nurture my daughters doing something that is absolutely necessary in the environment we live in.

- (Salwa & sakina's mum) Hafsa Quraishi

I feel honoured to state that my children were both able to take part and perform in the successful production. As a single parent I was privileged to receive funding, hence why my children were able to participate. This experience has greatly benefitted my children. My girls had not been participating in drama, however by having the option to be in a female only production, my children were able to experience drama/theatre. For once in their life they don’t feel left out! This has been a memorable experience in their childhood that has enabled them to explore their inner talents, educate them and develop life skills that schools could not have achieved. To make it even better, it was took place in a fun and supportive environment and gave woman a spectacular day out. I give thanks to the teacher who not only by herself created this platform for the youth, but with all her hard work, dedication and perseverance made this evening such a great success and uplifted the youth. I hope these opportunities continue so that many more kids can benefit as mine did. As a community we all need to come together to ensure that successes like this do not simply fade away...

- Shareen Hemmuth

2Facebook (2010)
The teacher was able to bring out the best from within a majority of our girls at Brent Muslim Girls Club. Most of the girls are shy natured and come from under privileged back grounds.  UcanBthe1’s drama workshop allowed them to be more open about current issues and dilemmas they face in their day to day life,  be it at home, school or through the media. At the end of the 6 week course, the well staged theatrical performance proved to be a major boost of confidence and morale for our girls. Their parents were full of gratitude to UcanBthe1 and eagerly await to hear of other such workshops that their girls can partake in.

- Brent Youth Worker